Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Own! {St Louis Family Photographer}

So- I finally got a good session out of my own! We desperately needed a pic with all 6 of us and I couldn’t figure out HOW I was going to manage. My 2 year old is VERY anti photo…hates every second of it and avoids looking decent in any way in front of the camera at all costs! My 4 year old is….well, he is 4. So anyway- a timer was out. Even a tripod and a remote was sorta out. SO….after much thought, prayers, and finger crossing, I talked my Sis in Law (who always helps me shoot my own anyway- she ROCKS)- into manning the tripod and the shutter for me and…..IT WORKED! It was still a challenge getting the 2yo and the 4 yo roped in and looking, smiling etc at the same time but we actually managed!!! HURRAH! LOTS of motion blur in the alley pic with the 4 kiddos but hey! I can’t expect to have it all. All in all- I am super happy.

Oh! And for my photog friends who wanna know exactly what I did….I used my tripod – framed my family (minus me) the way I wanted, set my shutter speed, aperture, and ISO for proper exposure, had my camera set to BBF so I focused it ahead of time and BAM! All my SIL had to do is press the shutter! Oh….and make the 2 yo smile and look which was way more difficult then pressing the shutter! Also- having my camera set on BBF made it alot more simple for my SIL to refocus between shots!


Here are the results!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU S!!!!!!


Family_0098webFamily_0131web Family_0135webFamily_0158webFamily_0164webFamily_0190web


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