Saturday, November 20, 2010

More of my own :)

I was just not happy with any of the pics of all 4 last week- so we had to go out for a little re-shoot. I “think” I am happy with one of the pics of all 4 together….but I did get some FUN individuals!!!

Kids-Main-St-11.10_0226WEB Kids-Main-St-11.10_0242WEB Kids-Main-St-11.10_0263-web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0272web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0298web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0337web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0371web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0389web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0412web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0441web Kids-Main-St-11.10_0446web


Karie Lee said...

love 'em!

Stephanie said...

Ok, first I have to say, love these!! :) Second of all, I saw you on location!!! I thought that was you and your cutie pie kiddos, but I didn't want to go up and say, "Hello, I think I follow your blog..." haha! I actually ended up having to ask you where the restrooms were... hehe!!! How cool and what a small world it is!!!!!!

Kristi said...

Ooooooh darnit! I wish you would have intro'd yourself :). I totally remember pointing you to the potties. How neat!

Stephanie said...

It is pretty neat... by the way thank you so much for sending me in the right way. I would have never found them! Next time I run into you, I'll def. come and say hi! :)

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