Monday, August 30, 2010

I Heart Faces Photojournalism Challenge! {St Charles MO Children’s Photographer}

I_Heart_Faces_Photography_125This weeks challenge theme is “Photojournalism”- the criteria is that your photo tells a story- and of course there has to be at least one face in the photo! :)

This tell a VERY precise story of my kiddos! #1 tormenting #3 while #3 uses his noggin to find a way to circumvent the torment, LOL and #3 mothering #4, making sure he is safe and sound and out of harms way! I love this photo.



Anonymous said...

Haha, as a mother of 4 myself, I love this! Too funny!

Helen said...

Love it!

Susan said...

Now, this is just timeless!!! Loved it♥

Christina said...

Love the umbrella in the pool! How hilarious!

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