Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun news for Kristi Hollowell Photography! {St Louis Family Photographer}

I got my backdrop stand, a couple of backgrounds, a wood floor mat and en route a barnboard floor! What does this mean??? A FAUX STUDIO! That's right! Either right here in my very own kitchen where I have a southern facing window backed up to a wall full of west facing it can still be natural light...OR- it is portable enough to bring on location! This will be perfect for newborn sessions and mini sessions. I do need to master the lighting just a bit by using some reflectors, but here is my very first crack at it! I am really excited. Stay tuned my photog friends...I will share my complete set up with you right here on my blog ;).
Oh! And if you are reading this, please comment and let me know whatcha think! And give me a follow while you're at it :). I lost all of my followers when I moved blog addresses and I miss y'all!

Edited to add pic #2> I set this one up in my north facing garage AND used a reflector! WOW! What a difference!


Catherine said...

Garages and light from the north rocks! Beautiful!!

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