Friday, December 3, 2010

Fix it Friday!

A very sweet FIF photo!!! I did not take this picture- I just edited it for Fix it Friday at I Heart Faces. You should go over there and check out all of the awesome edits. They are all so different – it is so neat to see all of the different outcomes from the same exact photo! Here is mine- what do you think?

I used PS CS5 for my edit. I cropped in to her sweet face, adjusted bright/contrast, sharpened it up a little, and then used Florabella’s B&W vanilla and added my own “tweaks” to convert it. Do you like it? I do! What a pretty little girlie.


Here is the photo before I edited it;


And her it is after I edited it!



Anonymous said...


Love how close you got to her face... & how clean it is!!!

Kristi said...

Thanks Rebecca! I just adore her hair and the sweet look on her face. I had to pull the sweet thing in a little :)

Jessica said...

AMAZING! You are gooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Sofies Haus said...

Dear Kristi, love love love these pics! Especially the balloon pics! I love pics with balloons so much! warm regards Anja

Kristi said...

Thanks SO much Anja! You made my day :)

Karie Lee said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

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