Sunday, October 10, 2010

A fun day at the farm!!!

What a super fun day my kiddos and I had visiting a local farm! There was every kind of farm animal you can think of….chickens, turkeys, roosters, ducks, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and there was a BONUS today! A whole litter of brand new kittens! They had just been rescued from a foreclosed home- my kiddos were in hog heaven. In addition to being able to walk through the chicken coops, feed the piggy and the goat, pet the turkey, and of course hold the sweet kitty’s- they had a FABULOUS corn maze! We got a little lost but it was super fun. Well….for MOST of us anyway, #3 was a bit concerned the entire time that we would “never ever find our way out”. LOL. When we did finally find our way….he said in no uncertain terms “I never ever want to go in that corn maze again!”. The little guys intelligence sometimes gets the best of him! All in all – it was a hit and we will definitely be visiting the farm again! Furthermore…the owner gave me permission to do photo shoots there! What an AMAZING photo shoot location it will be!

Dickherber Farm_0008webDickherber-Farm_0001webDickherber-Farm_0012webDickherber-Farm_0139webDickherber-Farm_0119webDickherber-Farm_0142webDickherber-Farm_0127web Dickherber-Farm_0067web


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